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Kat LaFrance - a mindfull spokenŠ

Brief essays on
Nature, Spirituality,
Pets & People

First Edition,
first 100 autographed copies

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For $30(US), each prepaid book will be personally autographed with postage paid. A portion of each sale will be donated to The Mudcat Cafe

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"WindWords of Wyoming" is absolutely wonderful and I'm enjoying every word...You have a tremendous command of words; I feel as if I'm right there with you.
- Mrs. MJM -

"WindWords of Wyoming," by Kat LaFrance, is one of the most genuinely wonderful collections that I have ever had the pleasure to read.

Kat writes so wistfully and poignantly about her life and her Wyoming home, that you can feel the majesty of places like Shirley Mountain seen through her eyes.

Both her poetry and prose shine in this collection, and in multiple readings, I continue to rediscover old favorites, and even see other pieces in a new light.

Everyday life is re-invented in this collection in a most joyous way; how to let go, how to make peace with both life and death, how much fun it can be just to let Nature be a part of your life, and even the simple joys of things like "ShutEyes Cleaning".

This is the kind of book that was written to be dog-eared, have its passages highlighted, and to be an old friend who falls open to your favorite page every time.
- JE -

A few excerpts from WindWords of Wyoming:

Rain on the High Plains

It's been a slate grey day with an overlay of dark, ominous clouds weeping occasional torrents of rain across the land. Whenever it pours this hard on the prairie, the scent is so fresh and clean...

Tenacious Flowers of the Prairie

One has to look a little harder out here for the special treats. Some of the flowers are brash and strong enough to mount up like the cavalry and ride across the plains, waving their yellow banners...

Making Music with Mom

I stand to the right of my mom as she sits at the piano. Her slender hands with beautiful long, polished nails are poised over the keys, ready to accompany me. My bow is rosined, we've turned the page, in unison we begin a new piece...

Transmogrification - Sonora's Ancestor

Discarded, now I lay amongst the dirt and detritus of a forest, near an old cabin gone to rot and ruin. I am exposed to all of the elements and can feel my old bones giving way, taking a turn at fertilising the wee saplings that have taken root around me, through me, my strings long since rusted to ashes...

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