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and other written works

   Writer, Katey LaFrance uses words to express her passion for our Earth Mother and her beings; justice; and metaphysics. She says “My words are my voice. Without written expression, I would only exist in a limited capacity. My words are my power; an expression of self-love, self-worth, globalism, liberalism; of all that I hold to be true, open, profound, loving, humourous, raw, and cosmic.”

   Her essay,"Teach Children Critical Thinking", previously published in the Liberal Opinion Week and the Casper Star Tribune, will be published by Greenhaven Press, in their anthology Violence in the Media: Current Controversies, scheduled for release in Fall 2000.

   She is also a contributing columnist to Voices Of Women where her article "Murderous Oppression Continues in Afghanistan", originally published in the Liberal Opinion Week and the Casper Star Tribune, is included in this website's "Media & Society"section.

The same article has also been distributed world-wide, through the email list serve of the Feminist Majority Foundation and also through RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

    LaFrance is also publlished in the Liberal Opinion Week a publication which reprints "current syndicated editorial commentary by outstanding columnists selected for their liberal perspective and wide appeal." Her columns also appear monthly, in the Casper Star Tribune, Wyoming's only state-wide newspaper.

Other publications which LaFrance has been carried in include: The New London Day; WYOMING: Magazine of the Equality State; VISTA- New Perspectives on the West; Wyoming Women; CATS Magazine; Cheyenne Eagle-Tribune; and, the Gilllette News Record. Many of her informal writings may read on the Forum at The Mudcat Cafe.

To read her op/ed columns, A Mind-Full Spoken©, just follow the links:

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